Olive Oil Skincare Tips

Olive oil is something most people have in their kitchen. But did you know that you can use olive oil for things other than cooking? I have a bottle of olive oil in my bathroom and use it everyday to remove eye makeup, moisturize my lips and cuticles. I also share other tips with olive oil in the video.

I hope you enjoy these tips!


Nail Tech/Esthetician

Hylunia Facial

During the winter, decreased humidity and heaters can really dry out the skin.  I change my skincare routine and products this time of year. I switch to a cream-based cleanser, exfoliate regularly, use a hydrating face mask and layer on the moisturizers. I love Hylunia products and made a facial video of how I give myself facials at home.

Easy Cheetah Print Nail Art

Susan just made a video on how to achieve the cheetah print design on your own! At Zazen, the nail technicians use a nail art brush to make cheetah design. But if your trying this at home, you just need a toothpick and black acrylic paint found at the craft store.