Sunscreen for Hands!

I was listening  to The View yesterday and Whoopie was talking about women aging and getting plastic surgery to look younger. She also said you can always tell a woman’s age by looking at her hands. This reminded me of the article I wrote 5 years ago about sunscreen for your hands. It listed some of my favorite hand creams with SPF at that time. I will be reposting this article, however, I have a new favorite hand cream with SPF.

Most people take care of their face: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Most often our moisturizer or makeup has sunscreen to protect our face from the harmful UV rays from the sun. But what about our hands? I just noticed a sunspot on my hand today. Sun spots are a sign of sun damage. Sun damage= wrinkles. Have you ever noticed an older woman with a smooth flawless face and then looked at her hands and all you can see are manicured wrinkled hands? The saying goes that you can tell how old a woman is by looking at her hands (see pictures below). Our hands are exposed everyday to the sun especially while driving when our hands are on the steering wheel. We should start protecting our hands with sunscreen (with a minimum SPF of 15 regularly) the same way we do with our face.

Effects of the sun:

The sun has the greatest impact on how our skin ages. A large percentage of our aging is caused by the rays of sun. As we age, the collagen and elastin of the skin naturally weakens causing wrinkles and sagging. UV rays makes this happen at a much faster rate.

My new favorite hand cream is Supergoop! Forever Young Hand Cream with SPF 40. It left my hands moisturized and not feeling greasy. It fits perfectly in your car cupholder. I  also love that its paraben, oxybenzone and cruelty free. You can purchase them at or Sephora.




Color of the Week: Wednesday

11175025_894621433914368_5824241859667500651_nIt’s Wednesday and I have the perfect color for you! Check out one of our favorite color from Zoya Nail Polish, Wednesday. Wednesday is a turquoise color with green undertones and an opaque cream finish. It’s not loud or too bright. It has a soft dusty look to it. Looks great on all skintones and perfect for spring and summer. This color was highly recommended by our nail tech Jeanie.

Color of the Week:Cake Pop

Cake Pop has been a popular color for several years. It’s a creamy baby pink color. It can be worn all year round, however, its very popular in the spring and summer. Looks great on all skintones. This color was highly recommended by our nail techs Jennifer (Zazen Bryn Mawr) and Susan (Zazen West Chester). It’s available in gel and regular polish.


1st photo


Matte Nails!

In the past few weeks, we have seen a huge trend with matte nails. Matte top coat is applied over any color to instantly give it a velvet finish. Popular colors for matte nails are usually dark colors such as black, indigo, dark grey and deep purple which looks awesome for the fall and winter. However, matte nails can be worn all year long.  We have also seen designs applied to matte nails for a subtle but unique look. (Originally posted in January 2015)







Benefits of Massages and Facials

 Temple-Massage-copy 2

Zazen has always been known for our nails but did you know we also do facials and massages? Getting a facial and massage is an awesome way to relax and pamper yourself, however, there are also many great health benefits.

I love getting facials. It’s relaxing and my face is glowing afterwards. Routine  facials can help prevent wrinkles because facial massages relaxes the muscles that forms fine lines. It also increases circulation which helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

During a facial massage, the lymphatic vessels are stimulated which helps the body of lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention in the face. Lymph is a clear fluid that removes toxins from the body. Muscle movement is needed to push the lymph fluid through the body.  A lack of movement can result in a buildup of toxins.(

Massages not only feel good and are relaxing, but it is also an effective treatment for reducing stress and anxiety. Too much stress can wear you down and make you feel sick. Regular massages support immune functions and decrease stress-related hormones.

Massages also help with pain relief, fibromyalgia, headaches, reduce blood pressure, improves your state of mind and  promotes overall wellness.

All of the products we use in our facials and massages are all natural, organic, vegan, paraben-free and sulfate free!

Our massage therapist and esthetician are PASSIONATE about skincare and wellness. Book for an hour for each service or try our 30 minute sessions.

Zen Signature Facial $65 (Wednesdays receive free Zen Manicure with signature facial)

Zen Signature Massage $65 (Thursdays receive free Zen Manicure with 60 Minute Massage)

Specials for month of April 2015 (West Chester Only)

Color of the Week: Creekside

FullSizeRender (1)Spring  is here and Easter is right  around the corner! We have been seeing a lot of soft pastel colors on our clients nails. One top pick from our nail technician, Susan , is Creekside which is available in Vinylux (regular polish) and Shellac (gel polish). This color is a gorgeous  light sky blue creme. Often time, pastels can look  very childish and candy-like. But Creekside is a soft pastel and perfect for spring.