Benefits of Massages and Facials

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Zazen has always been known for our nails but did you know we also do facials and massages? Getting a facial and massage is an awesome way to relax and pamper yourself, however, there are also many great health benefits.

I love getting facials. It’s relaxing and my face is glowing afterwards. Routine  facials can help prevent wrinkles because facial massages relaxes the muscles that forms fine lines. It also increases circulation which helps bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

During a facial massage, the lymphatic vessels are stimulated which helps the body of lymphatic drainage and reduce fluid retention in the face. Lymph is a clear fluid that removes toxins from the body. Muscle movement is needed to push the lymph fluid through the body.  A lack of movement can result in a buildup of toxins.(

Massages not only feel good and are relaxing, but it is also an effective treatment for reducing stress and anxiety. Too much stress can wear you down and make you feel sick. Regular massages support immune functions and decrease stress-related hormones.

Massages also help with pain relief, fibromyalgia, headaches, reduce blood pressure, improves your state of mind and  promotes overall wellness.

All of the products we use in our facials and massages are all natural, organic, vegan, paraben-free and sulfate free!

Our massage therapist and esthetician are PASSIONATE about skincare and wellness. Book for an hour for each service or try our 30 minute sessions.

Zen Signature Facial $65 (Wednesdays receive free Zen Manicure with signature facial)

Zen Signature Massage $65 (Thursdays receive free Zen Manicure with 60 Minute Massage)

Specials for month of April 2015 (West Chester Only)

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