Color of the Week: Wendy

It’s summer and flip flop season. We have been seeing lots of brights and pinks. There are so many to choose! One of our popular pink color is Wendy by Zoya. It’s a bright pink with some coral to it. It’s definitely a great shade for summer.




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Matte Nails!

In the past few weeks, we have seen a huge trend with matte nails. Matte top coat is applied over any color to instantly give it a velvet finish. Popular colors for matte nails are usually dark colors such as black, indigo, dark grey and deep purple which looks awesome for the fall and winter. However, matte nails can be worn all year long.  We have also seen designs applied to matte nails for a subtle but unique look. (Originally posted in January 2015)







Color of the Week: Creekside

FullSizeRender (1)Spring  is here and Easter is right  around the corner! We have been seeing a lot of soft pastel colors on our clients nails. One top pick from our nail technician, Susan , is Creekside which is available in Vinylux (regular polish) and Shellac (gel polish). This color is a gorgeous  light sky blue creme. Often time, pastels can look  very childish and candy-like. But Creekside is a soft pastel and perfect for spring.