Getting a manicure and pedicure have a reputation for being girly. But recently, a lot of male celebrities have been captured getting these services. Many have also sported colored nail polishes on their hands and toes. I asked my husband, who by the way LOVES getting a mani/pedi, if he would ever get his nails painted and we know the answer to this one. Some of the reasons why my husband loves getting a mani/pedi are:

1. He hates cutting his own nails, especially his toenails. He runs a lot and so it helps prevent painful ingrowns.

2. He LOVES the massage on the hands and feet and how it relaxes him.

3. He loves how the warm pedicure soak feels on his feet.

4. He likes when his nails are buffed shiny.  He conducts a lot of meetings  and talk with his hands and manicured nails shows that he takes care of himself.

Guys that think a mani/pedi is feminine is really missing out! We have quite a few regular male clients and they can confirm that getting these services makes them feel and look good.

My husband’s pedicure was so relaxing, he fell asleep 🙂


Charles Barkley celebrates his bday like any man would, by getting a mani/pedi on TNT’s pregame show.


Tim Tebow got a mani/pedi!


Guys Night Out at Zazen!

– Tien

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  1. Caryn Vertigan
    Caryn Vertigan says:

    I was just viewing your website and wondered if you still offer mani/pedi combos for $35 on Tuesdays? I also wonder if I may get on your email list for special offers. Also, could you tell me if you have many “mens” night outs? My hubby would love the mani/pedi. Thanks.

    • admin
      admin says:

      Hi Caryn,

      We offer the Early Bird Special for a Zen mani/pedi for $35 Tuesday – Thursday between 10am-3pm. Some days we have a special and offer it all day. We currently do not have a mens night out event. But a lot of guys do come in to get a mani/pedi. They usually come in with their significant other. Just give us a call at 610-430-1400 if you would like to make an appointment.


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