How to Make up to $12,000 or more per month with Microblading by doing 6 Clients/Week even if you are NEW to the Beauty Industry...

The Most Profitable Beauty Skill of 2018
How to Make $12,000 a month or more with Microblading by doing 6 Clients/week even if you are NEW to the Beauty Industry...

The Most Profitable Beauty Skill of 2018
Zazen's Microblading Class - Private Training is a combination of theory and hands on experience

Our instructor Tien is the owner of Zazen Salon and is also an Advanced Microblading Artist and Instructor. 

You will have Tien's guidance with a live model and learn all of Tien's tips and technique to become a successful Microblading Artist.

All classes held at:
Zazen Nail Spa
200 E. Gay St
West Chester, PA 19380
Learn how to do one of the most profitable Beauty Skills in the Industry.
Spots are Limited to have Personalized Attention for your Learning. 
No need to travel far to learn.
No need to pay an arm and a leg like most Microblading Classes
The average Microblading service price is $500-$700
Very in Demand Beauty Skill
Higher Prices mean more income for your career.
The Most in Demand Beauty Skill
Learn from one of the Best Instructors in the Philly Area
Increase your income by doing Microblading because it will help you and your family
What You Will Learn in our 3 day Private One on One Training:

Day 1: 
  •  Microblading 101 - What is Microblading
  •  Procedure - Medical Aspects, Skin structure, Contraindications.
  •  Who are the ideal Microblading Clients?
  •  Hygiene Standards. Pre/After Care.
  •  What are the best conditions and how to keep your area sterile?
  •  What are some Skin problems and Conditions of skin when the microblading is prohibited?
  •  Eyebrows Shaping, different shapes and faces.
  •  How to achieve the perfect eyebrow shape?
  •  Measurement with divider and ruler.
  •  Different techniques and hairstrokes pattern.
  •  Pigments, needles and anaestetics.
  •  Color Theory.
  •  Practice of drawing on models and practice skin
  •  Homework

Day 2: 

  • Homework check / Question and Answers
  • Practice of Hair Strokes
  • Overview of Blades / Tools in detail
  •  After care instructions and Healing Process
Day 3: 
  •  Questions and answers
  •  Live practice on models
  •  Certificate / Exam

Check out what our Awesome Clients say about Tien the Microbading Instructor 
Learn from an Advanced Microblading Instructor
Learn from one of the Microblading Artists in the Philly Area.
What our Awesome Microblading Clients Say about Tien Microblading Instructor...

Amy D.

I had the best experience at Zazen today while getting my eyebrows Microbladed! Tien is a true artist! She did a beautiful job and made me feel right at home from the moment I walked through the door. The salon is absolutely beautiful, clean, and organized. Thank you all so much!!

Deanna M.

"Microblading by Tien is amazing! I was too nervous to get a tattoo on my face or microblading for years, but now I'm mad I didn't do it sooner! She does AMAZING work. Highly recommend it!"

Emily W.

"I got the Microblading done.  I legit struggled with doing my own eyebrows for years. I met with Tien who was very sweet and very helpful. I freaking LOVE my eyebrows now. She did a great job!  I will for sure be back!!"

Learn how to do the the MOST PROFITABLE Beauty Skill in the Industry.

Feel Confident in Learning Microblading.

Most places charge over $4,000-$5000 for their Microblading class.

We are charging $2997 for a Private One on One Session at Zazen Beauty which includes an Microblading Kit (value $500 dollars).

You only have to do 6 Microblading clients to pay for this Class.... You could potentially make up to $12,000 dollars/month or more with Microblading.

Classes Held at Zazen Nail Spa located at 200 East Gay St, West Chester PA, 19380.

Must Check your local/state regulations when practicing on Clients for Microblading.

For Any Questions Email Us at

More Raving Reviews from our Microblading Clients
Microblading course - Private One on One Traiing
Includes FREE Microblading kit ($500 value)
  • Includes 3 Days of Training One on One with Advanced Instructor
  • Includes Microblading Marketing Tips
  • Includes Advanced Business Tips to help stand out
  • Includes Microblading Certificate

For Any Questions Email

Must check your local and state regulations before conducting Microblading Business on live clients in salon or spa setting. 

What questions do you have?

If you do 6 Microblading clients, it should pay for this class.

Get certified in Microblading because it's the most profitable beauty skill.

Most Microblading group classes are charging over $4,000-$5,000 for a 3 day class and it can be difficult to learn in a large group setting.

In fact, most students may struggle in a group class, because each student has individual class needs. If the group class is large, the instructor will not have enough time with you one on one, and may cut your learning time to accommodate the larger class. 

We are charging $2997 for a Private One on One Training Session for 3 days which includes a Microblading Kit to get you started. 

You will have the instructor's undivided attention and she will guide you every step of the way to a successful Microblading Career. 

Imagine being able to do multiple services at your salon, but being booked throughout the week with high dollar services..... 

The average service price of Microblading is $500-$700. 

You could potentially make up to $12,000 or MORE a month if you master Microblading.

Email me at or text me at 484-639-9154 and I will personally get back to you asap.
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