Is Mineral Water Good for You?

It’s the new year and most people make a new years resolution. Mine is to drink more water. A few months ago, I bought a case of Fiji water because all of the other bottles of spring water were out (Hurricane Sandy) but I never drank it until recently. It didn’t taste much different than spring water. So what makes it different? FIJI is mineral water which contains high levels of dissolved minerals that are acquired from rain water that travels through ancient volcanic rock.These minerals play a beneficial role to help balance electrolytes in the body and are essential for various bodily functions.

– Silica, found in some mineral water such as FIJI and Evian, slows down the aging process by keeping collagen and elastin fibers flexible and strong. It’s also good for sensitive skin and helps reduce inflammation.

– Silica can detoxify the skin and help reduce acne and breakouts.

– Mineral water naturally hydrates and offers an additional source of calcium and magnesium which are important for strong bones.

– Magnesium found in mineral water helps regulate blood pressure.

– A mineral water spray can soothe skin, reduce redness, hydrates the skin and helps set makeup in place.

Be aware that mineral water varies from brand to brand since it is sourced from different springs. Avoid mineral waters that have a high content of sodium. Sodium have many beneficial uses in the body, however, too much sodium can have a negative impact on your health and cause puffiness by retaining water.

So far, I have been drinking less sugary drinks and less soda. At home, I drink filtered tap water (good for the planet) and drink FIJI water during the day when I’m on the go. Here’s to good health, strong nails and beautiful skin!



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