Why go Natural?

snoWe are a little late but the New York Time posted an article a few weeks ago that went viral called “Perfect Nails, Poisoned Workers.” The article brings to light the hazardous chemicals nail technicians are exposed to on a daily basis. These chemicals have been linked to various health problems such as cancer, miscarriages, lung disease and skin rashes.

When you step foot into a nail salon and a wave of strong chemicals hit you in the face, these chemicals are mostly likely from the acrylics and nail polishes. The three chemicals in nail products that are associated with the most serious health issues are formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and toluene. These harmful chemicals can cause kidney, cognitive, reproduction and breathing problems.

Dibutyl Phthalate: Also known as DBP, Dibutyl Phthalate keep nail polish from chipping. It is an endocrine disruptor, toxic to the reproductive system and is linked to obesity.
Toluene: Toluene helps nail polish go on smoothly and is toxic to the nervous system as it can impair breathing, cause nausea, cause developmental damage to the fetus, and is linked to malignant lymphoma.
Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde is a huge carcinogen and normally used to embalm dead bodies.
Formaldehyde Resin:  similar to Formaldehyde, but not as toxic. This chemical is used as a nail strengthener, but also a skin allergen and can cause dermatitis.
Camphor: Exposure to Camphor in large doses, especially through inhalation, can be toxic and cause irritation, nausea, dizziness, and headaches. When ingested can be linked to seizures and in rare cases cause liver damage when applied to skin. (http://www.taryncoxthewife.com/)

These are the reasons why Zazen chose to be an all-natural nail salon. We do not offer any acrylics. We use Zoya Nail Polish which is a vegan line that is 5 FREE (contains no formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, camphor and toluene). We also carry Vinylux which is also 5 FREE. Our gels are 3 FREE. We use natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, organic shea butter and organic coconut cream oil. All of our hand cream and lotions are vegan and paraben-free. Our wax is a natural soy based formula that is antibacterial and antimicrobial.

By using the safest products, we create an environment that is safe and healthy for our clients and our employees.




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